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Hoeflon C30e
Mini crane

Full lithium driven
pick & carry crane

100% electric “Start and Operate” Hoeflon C30e Mini crane

We are proud to present you with Hoeflon C30e - a fully lithium powered pick & carry crane. Hoeflon is ready for the future. The C30e is a "State of the art crane" with easy operation. The possibilities are endless as the machine has highly intelligent software. In this way, the crane operator can focus completely on his lifting work.

Hoeflon C30e is a crane with continuous joystick adjustment option. Each leveling lifter calculates its position to determine the hoisting capacity. Its low centre of gravity and expandable crawler undercarriage make it particularly suitable for maneuvering on a slope. The machine is equipped with sloping crawler supports for a large ground clearance.

C30e has a compact outlying, making it particularly short in length. The transport height remains two metres as the Fly Jib fits into the center of the machine.

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This makes the Hoeflon C30e strong:

  • Stepless support leg positioning
  • Extendable and variable supporting legs
  • Endless rotation
  • Can pass through a double door
  • Lithium crane
  • Loaded driving
  • Simple control



Capacity 9000 kg
Max. range 12,2m with fly-jib 20m
Maximum hoisting height 14,5m with fly-jib 22m
Transport dimensions LxWxH 3,85m x 1,2m x 2m
Total weight 8700kg
Weight without fly-jib 7950kg (750kg)
Weight without ballast 6350kg (2350kg)
Weight without ballast, zonder fly-jib 5600kg (2350kg + 750kg)
Jibb angle 85°
Swivel range 360°
Drive system

1st gear: 0,75km/h

2nd gear: 1,5km/h

Engine Electric, lithium battery
Inclination angle 20°
Ground pressure 0,79kg/cm2


Electric motor

230v, 400v

Fly jib length


Hoisting winch

1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg 

Cable winch 40 m long
Hoisting speed with winch 20,8m/min
Extension 30 degrees adjustable

two LED lights on the front substructure

two LED lights on the rear substructure

two LED lights on the main boom

two LED lights on the jib



Hoeflon VL500 Glass Suction

  • 360-degree rotation with 90-degree stop
  • Double vacuum circuit for maximum safety
  • 500 kg capacity (with 3 suction)
  • 250kg capacity (with 1 suction)

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Hoeflon VL 500 Vaccum Glass Suction Lifter