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Lumberjack L20-3

Remote leveling stall

Proven and robust technology

Product description

Remote-controlled leveling waist - made for the Scandinavian weather

Tried and tested robust technology in a new design. Radio-controlled precision leveling reduces installation time and increases safety. This radio-controlled leveling stall is ideal for lifting items of all types that require accuracy and precision to navigate into place.

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Lumberjack på 60 sekunder

Lumberjack L20-3 makes heavy and cumbersome leveling work easy 

  • Fjernstyret nivellering af emner op til 23 ton
  • Built-in battery = no need for electricity or hydraulics
  • Intuitive operation
  • Delivered ready for use directly to the construction site
  • Places items with millimetre precision
  • Remote controlled with 100 meters range and 2 different speeds


Lifting capacity Up to 23 tonnes
Chain wheel traction Up to 1.5 tonnes
Leveling length 2 meters
Number of leveling speeds 2
Chain angle Up to 60 degrees
Lubrication sites 1
Chain length Up to 4 metres
Chain dimension 60.5 x 20 mm
Own weight approx. 300 kg
Height 1,050 mm
Width 712 mm
Depth 623 mm
Radio range (free range) Up to 100 meters
Chain wheel, Electric motor voltage 24v DC
Standby Power Consumption 150 mA
Power consumption, continuous use 60 A - 1,400 watts
Power consumption, peak usage 100 A - 2,400 watts
Environmental standards
Operating temperature -20 to +40 C
Storage temperature -30 to + 70 C
Relative humidity 0 - 90% (non-condensing)
Certification CE marked

Optional additional accessories:

  • Protective hood
  • Extra-long chains
  • Extra Battery
  • Plastic or aluminium Europe pallet

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