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Preston Rentals udlejer Lumberjack L20-3 PRO

Lumberjack L20-3

Remote leveling stall

Proven and robust technology

Product description

Remote-controlled leveling waist - made for the Scandinavian weather

Tried and tested robust technology in a new design. Radio-controlled precision leveling reduces installation time and increases safety. This radio-controlled leveling stall is ideal for lifting items of all types that require accuracy and precision to navigate into place.

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Lumberjack på 60 sekunder

Lumberjack L20-3 makes heavy and cumbersome leveling work easy 

  • Remotely leveling items of up to 20 tonnes
  • Built-in battery = no need for electricity or hydraulics
  • Intuitive operation
  • Delivered ready for use directly to the construction site
  • Places items with millimetre precision
  • Remote controlled with 100 meters range and 2 different speeds


Lifting capacity Up to 20 tonnes
Chain wheel traction Op til 3 ton
Leveling length 6 m (3 m in both directions)
Number of leveling speeds 2
Chain angle Up to 80 degrees
Lubrication sites 1
Chain length Up to 6 meter
Chain dimension 60.5 x 20 mm
Own weight ca. 395 kg
Height 1,050 mm
Width 712 mm
Depth 623 mm
Radio range (free range) 100 m in free field
Chain wheel, Electric motor voltage 24v DC
Standby Power Consumption 50 mA
Power consumption, continuous use 60 A - 1,400 watts
Power consumption, peak usage 100 A - 2,400 watts
Environmental standards
Operating temperature -20 to +40 C
Storage temperature -30 to + 70 C
Relative humidity 0 - 90% (non-condensing)
Certification CE marked

Optional additional accessories:

  • Protective hood
  • Chain kit in other lengths
  • Extra batteries
  • Transport packaging

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