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Preston Rentals udlejer Lumberjack MiniMax L03

MiniMax L3

Remote leveling stall

Proven and robust technology

Product description

MiniMax L3 remote-controlled precision leveling that reduces your installation time and increases safety on the construction site.

MiniMax L3 lifting yoke levels and handles building materials easily and safely with a single push of a button. It ensures that you reduce expensive crane time and waiting time. The lifting yoke handles light and heavy objects weighing from 0 kg up to 3 tons.

Rent the remote-controlled MiniMax L3 leveling hoist here with us.

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MiniMax L3 is strong and robust

With its robust, proven technology and reliable electrical operation, the MiniMax L3 is able to work in temperatures from -20°C to +40°C.

The lifting yoke is easy to clean due to the robust housing and the IP65 rated electrical system.

The MiniMax L3 requires minimal service – only cleaning and charging the battery. The battery status is shown on a display. In normal use, charging the battery once a week is sufficient.

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Vi udlejer MiniMax L03

User-friendly remote control

The MiniMax L3 is easy to operate with its user-friendly IP67 rated remote control.

Rent remote-controlled leveling hoists here at Preston Rentals.

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MiniMax L3 makes heavy and difficult leveling work easy

Preston Rentals udlejer Lumberjack MiniMax L03
Preston Rentals udlejer Lumberjack MiniMax L03


Lifting capacity Op til 3 ton
Load imbalance capacity Max. 500 kg
Max. leveling length 1,5 m
Max. chain angle 60 degrees
Measurements on chain 30.5 x 10 mm
Total chain length 3 m
Own weight 126 kg
Height 638 mm
Width 503 mm
Depth 495 mm
Control system
Radio range 100 m in free field
Chain wheel, electric motor voltage 24v DC
Standby power consumption 50 mA
Power consumption, continuous use 24 A
Power consumption, peak usage 30 A
Environmental standards
Operating temperature -20 to +40 C
Storage temperature -20 til +45 C
Relative humidity 0 - 90% (non-condensing)
IP rating IP65
Remote control
Number of function buttons 5
Effect 10mW
Power supply 3 x 1,5v AAA
IP rating IP67
Certification CE marked product


Optional additional accessories:

  • Protective hood
  • Extended chain
  • Extra batteries
  • Transport packaging

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