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Building materials – the quickest way to the right floor

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Smart technical aids for lifting all types of items, Optimizes logistics on the construction site

Optimizes logistics on the construction site


Crane Solutions - inside and out!

Hoeflon mini cranes and large cranes for all purposes
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Proppings in many different strengths and sizes

Fast delivery of SuperDeck® and Hoeflon mini cranes

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SuperDeck®Patented ‘drawer-like’ loading platform system, designed specifically to handle a swift loading of building materials and machines


  • 5,000 kg load
  • No electricity or hydraulics needed
  • 2.2 / 2.6 / 3.2 & 4.2 metres width


Here you will find technical aids and equipment to optimize logistics and minimize time spent on the construction site – indoors and outdoors.

Preston Rentals offers SMART solutions that are versatile and can handle any challenge you throw at it. SUPERELEVATE™ series is perfect for your construction, building and industrial needs.

SUPERELEVATE™ series is perfect for your construction, building and industrial needs.


Crane Solutions - inside and out!

Modern, extensive and well-maintained crane rental fleet, consisting of Hoeflon mini cranes and large cranes in a wide range of models and capacities.

We are happy to help you with a complimentary survey and made to measure solution, so that you get the right crane for the job.


Multiprop is a well-known and thoroughly tested lightweight product for temporary support of constructions.


  • Length: 1450mm to 6250mm
  • Light weight: 15,6 – 34,8 kg
  • Approved according to Class T, R & D

Building materials – the quickest way to the right floor

Rent SuperDeck® and Hoeflon mini cranes from us
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More than 30 years with SuperDeck®

We let out our patented SuperDeck® ‘drawer-like’ loading platform system 

In Europe you build higher, bigger and more dense than ever before. This creates new challenges concerning logistics of a construction site.

This is particularly evident in regard to the construction of multi-storey buildings where it is heavy and problematic to move building material and machinery to the right floor. SuperDeck® has for more than 30 years solved this particular problem in Australia and now this solution has finally arrived in Europe.

At Preston Rentals we let out the full range of SuperDeck® ‘drawer-like’ loading platform systems and supplement the SuperDeck solution with small cranes and light weight soldiers.



Quickest on the right spot

Lift up to 5,000 kg of machinery and building materials directly from the truck to the Superdeck® ‘drawer-like’ loading system in just one go.

It reduces crane operation time, keeps order on the construction site and reduces the workers’ waiting time for the material.



Minimize waste and injuries

Fewer materials on the ground and fewer lifts reduce the risk of transport damages, waste and theft from the construction site.



SuperDeck® ‘drawer-like’ loading platform system demands no electricity or hydraulics. The ‘drawers’ work on rolls/cylinders (?) and are delivered ready for installation at the construction site.


High Safety

Workers have fewer manual lifts and the loading platform will be ready as soon as you start using them.

SuperDeck® is easy to operate and you can start using it when it is installed – without making any adjustments. This makes it possible to focus on the reception of your subject, building materials and machinery.

As soon as the cargo is placed on the ‘drawer’, it is transported to the floor with e.g. by pallet trucks. The height of the safety rail of the platform is 1,2 metres.

Welcome as a customer at Preston Rentals 

Martin Bo Bojesen
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My name is Martin Bo Bojesen and I have worked in the entrepreneur- and material business since 1997.

The many years in the same business have given me an in-depth experience in many types of projects – large as well as small scale. I have always found it extremely difficult, time-consuming and at times dangerous when building materials and machinery have been transported to the different floors during the construction of multi-storey building.

I happened to notice the SuperDeck® ’drawer-like’ loading platform system during a business travel and from then on, I simply knew I had to get that system to Europe.

Gaffeltruck sænkes ned i SuperDeck® - patenteret last-skuffe system
Preston Rentals Superdeck gaffeltruck

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