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Hoeflon C6
Mini crane


Powerful all-round crane

Hoeflon C6 Mini crane - a powerful all-round crane

Multifunctional, robust and very simple operation – it's the Hoeflon C6 compact crane in a nutshell. It is a best seller in the category mini crane. This crane is ideal for the placement of glass and the exact placement of steel beams.

It is the only compact crane that can lift more than its own weight. This allows a crane to lower another crane into an underground space.

This mini crane shows its strength by being small and compact, but with an impressive lifting capacity. With its 76 cm in width and 195 cm in height (can make lower when dismantling equipment), the crane is perfect for driving into buildings or backyards where there is not much space.

The crane and its remote control are logically constructed and make it easy to operate. The flyjib is mounted so it just needs to be unfolded and then it is ready for use. It provides a quick erection or moving of the crane.

What makes the C6 Compact crane strong:


  • Up to 17 metres of lifting area

  • Can get anywhere/ through any door

  • Easy to transport: take it on a trailer and start your work on arrival

  • Reliable / Many years of experience

  • 'Smart' cranes -intelligent software - easy operation of all functions

Capacity 3000 kg
Max. outreach 13.7 m x 210 kg
Maximum hoisting height 11,5 m and 17 m with options
Dimensions L x W x H 2.9 m x 0.75 m x 1.82 m
Dimensions including winch and jib 3.14 m x 0.75 m x 1.95m
Total weight 2650 kg 2850kg incl. options
Winch 1000 kg, 2000 kg and 3000 kg
Boom system Cylinder and chain system
Boom angle -5 – 83 degrees
Slewing 360 degrees
Drive system via remote control 1st gear: 1.1 km/h 2nd gear: 2.2 km/h
Engine Yanmar 3 cylinder, 1500 rpm
Incline angle 20 degrees
Ground pressure 0.79 kg/cm2


Electric motor

230 V 

Fly jib length

4.3 m

Hoisting winch 

1000 kg, 2000 kg and 3000 kg

Extension section

30-degree range of motion

Levelling jacks

position measurement values for steplessly swivelling jacks 

Levelling jacks 

hydraulically extending

Tracks non-marking

work light on boom and jib

Storage box

extra storage case


900 to 1700 rpm

Hoeflon VL500 Glass Suction

  • 360-degree rotation with 90-degree stop
  • Double vacuum circuit for maximum safety
  • 500 kg capacity (with 3 suction)
  • 250kg capacity (with 1 suction)

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Hoeflon VL 500 Vaccum Glass Suction Lifter