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Transport Carrier

Hoeflon TC1


Compact, strong and robust

Product description

Hoeflon TC1 carrier

Our carrier, Hoeflon TC1, can pass through any door. No matter where your goods are, our little helper carrier will be there.

TC1 has a rotating plateau, 40 centimeters high. It has a low center of gravity and has precise maneuverability. It runs easily on uneven ground and hilly terrain, even while bearing a load.

TC1 can also run on very steep inclines. It is an ideal machine in combination with the Hoeflon C1 crane.

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TC1 in brief


  • Compact, strong and robust

  • Precise maneuverability

  • Easy to install cargo parts

  • The platform is movable / swivel

  • Quiet operation, due to the electric drive


Standard configuration

Capacity  1,200kg
Net weight  500 kg
Dimensions (lxwxh)  1450 x 800 x 420mm
Drive  Electric
Power supply Battery pack
Charger 230V 50Hz
Charging time 13 hrs
Ground pressure 0.15kg/cm2
Max. speed  2.2km/h
Speed controller Proportional operation
Max. slope angle  25°
Max. tilt angle  20°
Load platform (lxw)  1340 x 730mm
Type platform Swivel