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MiniMax L5 med fjernbetjening

Rent SuperElevate™ - smart solutions for the construction site!

Here you will find technical aids and equipment that optimize logistics and will reduce the time spent on the construction site, both indoors and outdoors.

Preston Rentals offers SMART solutions that are versatile and can handle any challenge you throw at it. SUPERELEVATE™ series is perfect for your construction, building and industrial needs.

Rental range

TC1 Carrier Transporter

Compact conveyor that can fit through any door.

  • Can manouver anywhere - 78 cm width
  • Rotating plateau
  • Simple operation

Lumberjack L20-3

Proven and robust technology in a new design

  • Remote levelling of loads up to 20 tons
  • Built-in battery = no need for electricity or hydraulics
  • Delivered ready for use directly to the construction site
Preston Rentals udlejer Lumberjack MiniMax L03

MiniMax L3

The MiniMax L3 lifting yoke levels and handles building materials easily and safely with a simple press of a button. It ensures that you reduce costly crane time and waiting time. The lifting beam handles both light and heavy objects weighing up to 3 tons.

Preston Rentals udlejer Lumberjack MiniMax L5

MiniMax L5

The MiniMax L5 is a lifting yoke that, by utilising both new and proven technology, levels and handles loads efficiently and safely with high precision. The MiniMax L5 handles both light and heavy objects up to 5 tons.